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Audio Palette

Another remix type app, but with an interesting interface. I'm not sure if I'm just taken with the interface and have overlooked the amount of actual functionality in the app. If you've tried this app please let me know what you think.

Audio Palette at the app store:
audio palette

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2 Potato said...

Haven't really done a lot with it, but it's a lot of fun to play with. Only made loops with it, don't know how to arrange them etc...

ashley said...

I'm still sitting on the fence about buying it. Would say it is worth it?

Anonymous said...

I don't see it being accurate enough to be used as an instrument, more as a toy or ambient generator. Lot of fun to use tho. It records your finger movements, you can chop
the loop you've made, rearrange the components, etc... Doc

Unknown said...

Does Audio Palette have any way of recording/exporting the loops/finger movements you record? If it did (and especially if it used ioLibrary), I would be all over this one.
I'm all about the interface, too!

To me, a creative and beautiful interface increases my desire to spend time with an application.