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iMotion: Animation and stop frame for the iPhone

When I posted about ReelMoments MikiStrange suggested this app too, so I checked it out, and it looks brilliant. My only reason for not getting it is it says it is optimised for the 3GS and I only have a 3G.

If anyone has used it on a 3G I'd be interested to hear what it is like.

iMotion at the app store:

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robman84 said...

After seeing your original post I researched a few different ones. Bought iTimelapse Pro because:

* Does time-lapse vids straight on the phone
* Has lots of options for time delay etc, including manual and sound-triggered (which means you don't have to touch the screen)
* Has a fair few rendering options including frame rate, size etc.
* Has single-layer onion-skinning which is AWESOME for doing stop-motion animations - you get to change the transparency of the previous frame too. My kids are gonna love this.

As an aside it also includes some built-in soundtracks to put onto your vids. A bit of a gimmick, but could be cool in the future.

The only feature I've seen on another app that I liked the idea of was gradual auto-zoom.

Overall I'm dead impressed :o)

Anonymous said...

That's really useful I hadn't found that app before