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Other stuff you can do with older Palms

With Alex cooking up some new Palm OS goodness I thought it might be worth writing about some of the other applications that are still around that can be used for older Palm units.

AxisPad is a great app that's really for OS5 but works in OS4 (just about). Another similar application is MixPada MIDI mixer for palm (again from miniMusic). BeatPad and NotePad are also excellent OS4 applications that'll work with OS5 too.

SpinPad is a demo app that never made it to full and I doubt ever will now, but is still fun to play with. RhythmPro Is a drum machine and metronome which works on OS4.

Burrito, Egg-Demo, Hedgehog, Meedy, Tractor are all demo type applets from Capers which was meant to be a replacement music based OS for Palm units which never saw the light of day sadly. I've been hassling Brian Whitman about it for months, but I doubt we'll ever see Capers turn up even though Brian did hint at it on his blog. All the applets are available at the Palm Sounds site.

Anyway, to finish off here are a few more. Piezo Power an OS4 early sound application. Theremini Theremin precursor to AxisPad, and you can also find his C source for MIDI in Palm applications. ittyMIDI Player is a MIDI file player, ittyMIDI Drummer is a MIDI Drum Machine, and ittyMIDI SysEx Manager is a universal SysEx dump utility for the Palm OS. How cool is that!

Anyway, I hope this lot is of some use. There used to be lots more OS4 stuff around, but sadly most of it has dropped off the internet now.

So I'll look forward to Alex's new Palm software soon.

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Anonymous said...

I came across my old PDA the other day. Never used it much since I run mac and the two never really shook hands that well. But this could be worth it. Is it worth the effort or should I stick with what I'm holding now...?


johnnyg0 said...

I have problems choosing what I will do with my Palms, there are some very nice softwares on the platform, but the later models all made a very annoying hiss sounds in the headphone output, making the whole thing good only as a toy or for garbage (everything newer than Tungsten E1 I possess had this problem).

Its even useless as an mp3 player now... shame on you palm.

(I wonder if the Pre have the same problem)

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I should do something with my older Palms