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Sonorasaurus on 1.0 and beyond

An interesting post over at the Sonorasaurus blog. They talk about some of the design choices they went through when making Sonorasaurus 1.0 and also about some of the features they're looking at next.

There's quite a sense of Sonorasaurus features against Touch DJ features. Both apps have different approaches to DJ'ing on the iPhone and I'm sure that the debate over which approach is best will go on and on ...

Sonorasaurus at the app store:

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Sigmund said...

One interesting comment was that they thought a BPM counter would be rather CPU intensive and so they have not included one - as is also the case with TouchDJ.
I'm beginning to wonder whether the easiest solution is to simply alter the tempo of the tracks in a separate program before uploading them to the iphone/itouch.

Zachary said...

Sigmund...that's what a lot of my Ableton DJ friends do, and a lot of mash-up artists do the same thing with individual loops...they time-"correct" them so that EVERYTHING is the same BPM. That way they can drop clips/loops in anywhere and they all match.