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ReelDirector 2.0 for iPhone (3GS)

2.0 adds the ability to record and mix soundtracks, add photos with zoom and pan, trim and split clips, and adjust text duration. Now I want a 3GS again.

ReelDirector at the app store:

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Robb Mitchell said...

ReelDirector is very cool. It is a true editing app, as opposed to what actually comes with the iPhone. You can import multiple clips, split, trim and arrange them and add transitions. The application gives you that ability to add title and end credits in a few different styles as well as position them. You can also add voice over transitions and still photos using the Ken Burns effect. These simple but basic editing tools bring the application 3/4 of the way to being a full quality editor. A few small improvements would make this app dynamite. One is the ability to add a music track from your iTunes library.

There really isn't a way to preview your entire edited project before rendering it out to your Photo Gallery, so you might find yourself rendering the project a few times before you reach your final edit. A Preview Edit button would be great even if we had to see the assembly edit without transitions rendered.

And it would be nice if the final edited project could be uploaded directly to Flickr, YouTube and Facebook using the "Share" button because as it is all you can do is send it via email to yourself or friends in you contacts list. Even email sharing is limited because only a few minutes of compressed video will pass through the email gateway.