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Playing with Pattern Music

I spent a bit of time with Pattern Music today. It is good sequencer application, with some nice features and the ability to set when patterns play and for how long in a piece. The interface is well thought out and makes sense.

But the sounds need some work. They are what lets this application down. It is a shame, but with a better set of sounds, or indeed tweakable sounds it would be a great sequencing application.

Don't get me wrong I still like it and still find it useable. Of course, I'd also like to see something like ioLibrary support and / or Audio copy too, but perhaps that's for later on.

Pattern Music at the app store:

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metaphormidable said...

I agree with you 200%. I've just sort of set this app aside in the hopes that a future update will do something about the sounds. It's a shame really... It could be a really powerful tool but right now because of the bad doinky sounds it comes off sounding like a toy.

Anonymous said...

Nice sequencer, pants sounds