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Loading up the Libretto

Late last night I started loading up some of the software I've found. The most useful I've found so far are:

- Goldwave: A bit like a very early version of Audacity
- Octomed Studio: Tracker Application
- Cubase Audio Lite
- CreateFX

I think I'd like to keep searching for more apps as the ones I've added so far haven't taken up much space at all. My current plan for the Libretto is to use it as a sort of hub between my handheld devices (Palm T3, Jornada and Zoom PS04). So that I can move files from each of the handheld devices using the Libretto.

The other main use for the libretto will be sound editing and manipulation. That's where goldwave comes in.

I'll need to do lots more testing, but so far I am quite enthusiastic that the Libretto will form a useful part of my mobile studio.

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strandedpoet said...

Cool. I am downloading it as I write. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Used to have one of these. Lovely