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Devices for mobile music making

I was thinking about this earlier. At present my experience of mobile music making is restricted to a limited number of devices or device types. Let me explain:

Device I own / or have owned:

- Various Palm OS devices
- Various PocketPC / Windows Mobile devices
- MadPlayer (weird device that generate music via algorithm)
- Laptops in general

Devices I am aware of / would like to own:

- Nintendo DS
- GameBoy

Of course, what is left is the stuff I don't know about, and of course that I can't comment on.

I did have a little sniff around for any interesting apps running on Symbian, but I could find almost nothing.

I'd be really interested to know of other platforms or devices that are useful for mobile music making.

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Anonymous said...

Good listing of stuff.

Anonymous said...

This maybe needs an update