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My Jornada 568

I was going to sell my old HP Jornada 568, but after much soul searching I've decided that I am going to keep it. I've fitted a new battery to it (which was so much easier than the T3 battery), and I plan to load up a big bunch of new software very soon. I plan to add:

- StyleTap (PalmOS environment for PocketPC)
- Bhajis Loops (running inside StyleTap)
- Microbe (running inside StyleTap)
- SSEYO MiniMixa (which I really want to try out again and see if I can get it to work)
- MilkyTracker (see previous post)

It is already running:

- Griff (including all synths etc)
- Syntrax
- PocketJam
- Phoenix Studio

That's the plan. Once done I aim to make it part of my mobile studio again. We'll see how I get on with it.

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