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A useful set of resources for making music on older Palm

Click on the title of this post to link to the page to find a useful site (although no longer maintained) for links to older music apps for the palm platform. Mainly these apps would be useful for a pre-OS5 palm.

Here's a little sample of what's on the page:

"Current music programs on the PalmPilot are quite limited in that they generally don't handle chords, they don't allow for time signature or key signature changes, and they export via MIDI. These mean that preliminary entry can be done on the PalmPilot but serious editing must be done on a desktop PC.

I would like to suggest that textual music notations offer a solution. The PalmPilot is quite capable of editing text and, if a suitable textual notation is used, full music entry and typesetting can be done entirely on the PalmPilot.

This page contains a wealth of links, some discussion of the issues and options relating to music entry on the PalmPilot, and some original PalmPilot software."

As you can see it is a bit out of date, but handy if you've got an old palm sitting about and wanted to make some beeps with it.


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