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A bhajis loops wishlist

I thought I'd put together a list of the things I'd love to see in Bhajis Loops. Stuff I think would be wonderful if it made it into a new version. I know that there's little or no chance of that as development has mostly finished. Even so, it is worth stating these ideas.

- Audio support : I'd love to have support for maybe one or two audio channels alongside the sampled instruments. I'd even considere upgrading to a LifeDrive to support audio

- Synth plugins : Having the ability to use FM synthesis plugins to create instruments

- Pre-Fade send

- More effect plugins

- A desktop tool (for Mac OSX) for creating effect plugins and synth plugins (ambitious I know, but then it is a wishlist)

When I started writing this I thought I had loads of stuff and ideas, but what do you know, only a few. Anyway if you have other ideas then please comment them in.

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_aa_ said...

Audio Support is in there. Goto the Sample section, Menu, Record.

FM Synthesis can be emulated by using instrument layering. It's not a DX7, but you can get much more depth and motion out of your samples.