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Rebirth on my Libretto

An excellent suggestion was commented on my previous libretto post. I've downloaded the iso image, but having lots of trouble getting the disk image into something that works.

I think I'll have to do some more research to see how to sort this out.

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strandedpoet said...

Well, I downloaded a bit torrent client (on my Mac). Then I downloaded the Win 95 bit torrent, but when I burn it it just burns the file onto the disk. What am I doing wrong. I'm trying to burn this from my Mac running OSX10.4 if that helps.

strandedpoet said...

Thanks for that link. I know what I was doing wrong, but I still can't get the mac to recognise the Windows 95 .iso file as a legit disk image, so it won't burn it.

I'm going to get a friend who has windows to burn it for me.