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Wotja 1.2.1 is on the bus and much more

Lots of new, powerful features and usability improvements including optional support for MIDI out*, unleashing Wotja’s power as an ideas generator and new “social music instrument”.

  • Shuffle: Icon on toolbar to let you quickly try the tune with different included high quality sounds & backing etc. It is great fun and, if you are interested in quickly trying out different tunes, you can just have it shuffle only the text or words (see Settings)!
  • MIDI Out support: Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI and MIDI clock support means you can use your Wotja melodies either to drive other 3rd party synths or be recorded by 3rd party MIDI apps that support that.*
  • Audiobus 2 support: Run the audio from Wotja into Audiobus so you can record it in other 3rd party apps.**
  • Setting to allow Background audio playback to be turned on or off (default is off).
  • Setting to allow only the text or characters to be shuffled (and the wotja is not restarted), which is great fun for “jamming”.
  • Combined Personalise and Refine screens into the one “Change” screen.
  • Added colour bars to the Change screen and Player and Backing selection.
  • Added new “Counterpoint” Players in Acoustic and Electric Piano.
  • Added a new “Soft” Player group with 4 sounds.
  • Added a “clear text” button (X) in the Text Edit screen to make it easy to start over.
  • Added a special info message if you press Shuffle with no text entered.
  • Emailing and opening wotjas as attachments is now ad supported.
  • Fixed speech play with some wotjas including Emoji.
  • Many other useability improvements.
  • New In-App Purchases:
    • Remove ads
    • MIDI output*
    • Remove audio output port silences**

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