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Everybody has rhythm in their heart [Disquiet0120-Duchampbeat] by Mike J Dayton

Using the provided picture as a guide I programmed six drum waves in different drummer using tabla samples. My two tonal and melodic elements came from Stria and Animoog. Disquiet Junto Project 0120: Readymade Rhythm The image at the following link shows the hearbeat of the artist Marcel Duchamp. Study the image closely and from it make the “rhythmic foundation” of a track. Then add two elements, one “tonal” and the other “melodic.” The result is your finished work. You may, of course, loop the hearbeat to achieve the desired length. Given the date of the recording (April 4), you should assume the beat is in 4/4, though deviations are certainly welcome. The image is located in this post: http://ift.tt/1i8ukhN More on this 120th Disquiet Junto project — “Write a song based on the heartbeat of Marcel Duchamp” — at: http://ift.tt/1jgHBXl More on the Disquiet Junto at: http://ift.tt/1jNoOb1 Join the Disquiet Junto at: http://ift.tt/ZU8hbL

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