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Music Box Composer adds MIDI file export and more

Here's what's new in Music Box Composer:
  • MIDI file export, in the utility flyout: look for the created file in iTunes File Sharing.
  • PDF export as well as JPG - it is saved with the JPG, and the offer to email after creating now will attach the PDF file.
  • '30 Note Mapping Fix' option added; the printed note values on the commercially available 30 note strips were being matched, but those notes were incorrect: this fixes that. The notes played are the same, just the note labels and the layout of the Piano mode.
  • New 'Auto Advance when adding via piano note' added - this advances the timeline by the current snap amount when adding a note via the piano.
  • Extra piano keys added at each end of the piano strip to aid moving forward and back in time (moves by the current snap increment) for a more fluid composing workflow using the piano.
  • Fixed bug where after using the piano keyboard any button required two clicks to activate.

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