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Argon Synth 1.3.0 and the Akai SynthStation25 (video)

The excellent app Argon Synth has been updated but it no longer works with the Akai SS25. WT...?! No problem. Just use Midibridge. Here I'm running it on a iPod Touch 4th gen using midibridge and the little midi machine sequencer apps. Cheers!

A big thank you to Stereofect for posting a link to this video on my post.

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-=stereofect=- said...

Yup.... don't chuck your SS25 just yet. They are still very usable lil' units. I also use my SS25 with my iPad. I have it (and a NanoKontrol2 & NanoPad2) all connected to the iPad via a Plugable USB hub. Works like a charm. Tickity Boo. ;-)