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MIDI Designer Pro 1.6.1 has a lot in it

Here's what's new with the latest release of MIDI Designer Pro:

  • Octave Transpose and (step) transpose
  • Two new button types: Send All and Reset to Defaults
  • Config Options:
  • Output throttle option reworked to be more effective (layout-wide)
  • Global Preset Send All forces presets to send values even if they are not changes (layout-wide)
  • Option to shut off high-precision sliders in Config
  • New design options (per control)
  • Option to disable MIDI Receive for individual controls
  • Option to force high precision sliders on per control
  • Newsletter signup
  • New version check

  • Exiting design mode now instant
  • Saving presets is now instant
  • Saving presets for groups is now instant

  • Updates to build-in layouts (Casio XW and Antares AT-200)
  • Fixed "Button Off Set This to Default" for NRPN 14-bit
  • Fixed NRPN 7- and 14-bit receive "overflow" issue
  • Now, bank change and program change ALWAYS send out in Control Lists, even if the value is unchanged
  • Fixed bugs for Default Value Picker
  • Fixed log for leading zeroes
  • Fixes for Custom Color for One Big Page
  • Fixed Add Control panel for iPhone/iPod touch
  • Fixed Extra CC & Hold delete-crash bug
  • Bug with pickers showing "Default" instead of "---"
  • Fixed File Save box text cursor
  • Removed automatic send all of FIRST layout loaded

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