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MultiTrack DAW 3.4 arrives with Audiobus Save State, IAA and much more

This just made me smile this morning as MultiTrack DAW was one of my favourite recorder apps for a very long time, and after ages has had a fantastic update. Here's all the new stuff in version 3.4:
  • Inter-App Audio - effects can be chained on each track, on the Bus return, and the Master out (*).
  • IAA Generators - on the Input to each track.
  • Audiobus 2.0 - Can be used as a sender for any track or master out. Supports saving and restoring state.
  • New graphics for iOS 7 - improved look is cleaner and less confusing.
  • Clean waveforms - rendered without blockies on retina displays.
  • 64-bit support - with Neon optimizations and high resolution audio processing.
  • Dithering - applied automatically anywhere in the signal chain when bit width gets reduced.
  • Reduced filespace usage - up to 16 tracks before caches kick in on 64 bit devices.
  • Compressor - new dB reduction meter help you adjust threshold and ratio controls.
  • Completely rewritten audio engine - takes advantage of the best features of your hardware.
  • Supports up to 16 inputs simultaneously (USB hardware required).
  • Loop Points - changing loop points in realtime is now immediate.
  • Snapping - now you can snap to other regions, loop markers, and punch points, as well as Ruler lines.
  • Snap helpers - red vertical lines display exact snapping placement.
  • Song Menu - you can now drag song icons to reorder them.
  • IN Meter - now displays up to 8 input VU meters on iPad, or 4 on iPhone/iPod touch.

* IAA effects currently support only 1 instance at a time, system wide. In other words, you can't chain the same effect more than once.

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