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Mosaik arrives, and the intro price is 1/8th of the normal price

Yep, for real. I didn't expect it to be this cheap from day one either. Here's the details:

What is Mosaik?

You can import samples into Mosaik using AudioPaste, iTunes file sharing or the devices iPod library. To extract beat information out of the imported audio and to align it onto a global pattern, the App is using a beat detection algorithm which starts right after you have imported a sample or song. With this been done, you can warp through your audio, change its playing speed and set loops.

The time-stretching algorithm and how it works is the special feature in here. Instead of using an existing library we took a different approach. Our engine is taking care of beats. This means that Mosaik is trying to preserve the attack and decay phases of your audio. We call that "BSOLA" which means: "Beat Synchronous Overlap Add".

Current Project Status

When developing an audio application, starting from scratch is hard work. And in the case of Mosaik, it has been a lot harder than we thought. Therefore we have currently no other option than to release Mosaik in it's very early stage of development but at the lowest possible price tag - **$0.99 / €0,89**

Since the development still continues and since new features like user definable warp-markers or multiple tracks are about to be released in the next update, this is an opportunity to get Mosaik at one eighth of the price it will be sold for when the next update hits the store.

This major update will definitely include the following things:
  1. Audiobus support with input/output.
  2. Real-Time audio recording.
  3. Note Onset-Detections
  4. User definable and moveable warp-markers. This will add elastic audio features to Mosaik.
  5. Multiple Tracks of up to 16 playing simultaneous, arranged in a grid of multiple sample cells.
  6. Improved audio quality.
Get Mosaik on the app store for just $0.99.


Anonymous said...

1/8 the price because you get 1/8 of an app. They can look elsewhere for funding.

Anonymous said...

I would support em, but my ios6 device says:no..

Anonymous said...

It's a great price for a potentially great app. Unfortunately it is unusable for me. Crashes as soon as I try to play a loop after pasting it in. Looking forward to getting the app I expected in the update.