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Here's the round up of the highlights from the last week ... (sorry it's so late)

So another busy week goes by and there's been lots to talk about. New apps, great updates and even more to look forward to as well.

But of course, the big news this week was everyone going loopy over loopy HD as a result of the Billy Joel Lion Sleeps Tonight thing. Great stuff of course, and some great PR for the mobile music world as a whole. Michael talked to Ross Greenwood about the app and the song etc.

The other big news is Audiobus 2. It's coming on the 3rd of April, so not long to wait for that.

Anyway, on with the round up ...


  • Positive Grid releases their latest app for all your mastering needs, Final Touch arrived on the app store today
  • We hear that there's an update coming to the venerable iSequence (HD), which is great news!
  • We show a nice little video of the upcoming Soulsby Atmegatron synth, which looks just awesome
  • There's a great video of CCequencer, a lemur template for sequencing MIDI CCs which looks pretty cool
  • Details are available for MIDI Hack which is coming in May in Stockholm and looks like it could be fun to go to if you're interested in hacking MIDI stuff
  • If you're a SeekBeats user, or want to know more about this great drum synth, then there's a great collection of videos about the app here.
  • iMIDIPatchBay becomes a universal app and there's a video to prove it too

  • If you haven't played with Patatap as yet, try this post and make some sounds with this only noisemaker that you can embed in your site too
  • Kymatica confirms that the excellent line of AUFX effects apps will all support Audiobus 2's state saving functionality
  • You can read what I thought about Sonoma Wire Works at Musikmesse this year


  • Mosaik arrives and is very cheap but the developers admit they still have a lot of things to put in the app
  • In a surprise update MultiTrack DAW arrives with lots of new features like Inter-app audio, Audiobus 2 state saving and loads more besides.
  • Audulus for iPhone has now been submitted, so we have loads of modular goodness to look forward to there
  • Earhoof for iPad arrives, it's an instrument app that turns you iPad into the rhythmic gradient of sound (apparently). There's a video too, which is pretty impressive I have to say
  • Audiobus announce the date for version 2 of their app. It's coming on the 3rd of April, so not too long to wait at all
  • And after years and years, Phoenix Studio (which was a Windows Mobile app) comes to Android, and is coming to iOS too


So, here's to another great week in mobile music. There's always plenty to look forward to, but as we have Audiobus 2 to enjoy from Thursday I'm guessing that there will be lots of news around that and apps updating to take advantage of saving states etc.

Once again, sorry that the round up is so late, see you tomorrow!

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