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Echo Pad adds state saving for Audiobus 2, and MIDI in the latest version

Here's what's new with Echo Pad:

Audiobus 2 state saving!
  • Save effect parameters inside Audiobus 2, allowing you to save, recall, and share custom Echo Pad settings using new Audiobus 2 presets.
  • Create awesome effects by combining with our other apps Stereo Designer and Swoopster, which also support state saving in Audiobus 2.
  • Requires Audiobus 2.0 app. Visit http://audiob.us/two)

MIDI Control
  • Echo Pad can now be controlled from external MIDI controllers, Virtual MIDI, and Network connections.

MIDI Clock sync
  • Echo Pad can now sync to external MIDI clock for beat synced delays. Simply tap the MIDI Sync button to enable/disable receiving MIDI clock via Virtual MIDI, Network, or USB.

IAA Clock sync from supporting Inter-app audio hosts
  • Sync is automatically enabled when Echo Pad detects it has connected to an IAA host that sends tempo. *This feature is only supported in IAA hosts such as Auria and Cubasis.
  • Choose “Echo Pad (Midi)” in supporting hosts.

(re)Introducing the Delay Tweak panel
  • Here’s the story... the Delay Tweak panel was actually added over 6 months ago in an update, but I failed miserably in making people aware of its existence! I’m a dingus, sorry about that.
  • Tap the FX menu button, then tap Delay Tweak to access the panel.

UI Tweaks
  • Options menu tweaks
  • cleaner layout

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