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The way things should work

Thanks to Steve Jay for this comment he made on facebook a while ago and I've kept on meaning to share:

In my job I have cause to set up a small portable studio, for my employer's journalists, so that they can file stories and audio on location at major events. On Saturday, our main internet failed, for backup I had a windows smart phone and all the drivers installed. No matter what I did, it would not share the internet. Direct connection, bluetooth, ad hoc wifi, nothing worked.

Enter my personal iPhone. No iTunes on the XP laptop yet bluetooth connected immediately. Pairing for the first time took 2 minutes. We filed the story, then the wired net came back up.

That's why Phone 7 is dying. It's not compatible with it's parents, let alone anything else - drivers suck, use open standards. When Microsoft learn this lesson, they may well produce great products, until they do, nothing will really work well, and they'll always be stuck with that reputation.

I'm always interested in stories like this, so if you want to share one, please let me know.

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johnnyg0 said...

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but this is becoming less and less a music blog. And I see myself raging when I read stuff like that (and I'm not usually the raging type :).

So how old is the Windows Phone platform? Its not even a year old!

It took 3 years for IOS to have copy/paste, and it doesn't work everywhere (or else we wouldn't need AudioCopy so bad). It also took 2 years before they allowed 3rd party apps on IOS... and about multitasking, how much apps have been update to really use it? (even Bebot doesn't do multitasking right).. I could go on.

"I'm always interested in stories like this"

How about how you are not permitted to view your own files on IOS? Why do I have to lose every saves, settings and presets for every apps when I transfer on a new device? Why can't I make a backup of the songs I created on my device or transfer them to a new one?

This is not how it should work. But I have yet to see you write an article about that.

This is why Android is the most used Smartphone OS currently, and why in the long term IOS will be like OSX, being used by only a small percentage of the world, mostly because of how Apple restricts its usage.

anyway.. its your blog...

Ray said...

I agree with your post saying that apple takes it's time.

But IMHO it's worth the wait to get it right.
Sure apple has it's shortcomings but relative to other os it's minimal.
I don't like the way multitasking works on iOS either but I have yet to see anyone else do it better.

I'm grateful that my iPhone and iPad have been so entertaining and productive.

johnnyg0 said...


"it's worth the wait to get it right."

Absolutely! This is why I hate this kind of baseless dissing of competing products (and sometimes feel I have to respond :)

johnnyg0 said...


"I don't like the way multitasking works on iOS either but I have yet to see anyone else do it better. "

Currently I find multitasking on iphone to be on par with the old Windows Mobile : when you close an app, its not actually closed, you need to go in a task manager to kill it. Except the task manager in IOS only shows you 4 apps at once.

PalmOS had the best multitasking, completely transparant, you never have to think about it. WebOS multitasking seems awesome too, but I have yet to try it for real (I mean for more than 2 minutes :).

The problem with multitasking in IOS is that apps have to be programmed to use it, so all the old apps were never updated to take advantage of it, and most new apps don't use it either.

It looks like its a component, like its not reallly part of the OS (just like Backgrounder on Cydia when there was no multitasking at all in IOS).