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CDM on Indamixx 2 tablet

Having read this post at CDM I'm really not sure what I think of this tablet.

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Anonymous said...

CDM has this weird thing against comparing pet music products with the ipad.

The lemur - but you cant compare this with the ipad, it's much more expensive! Also, it has an ethernet cable!

now the indamixx tablet. you can't compare this with the ipad, it runs renoise!

I'm not a fan of apple, but my bottom line is what I can do with these devices. The ipad may have its own set of software and constraints, but in the end, that's just part of the comparison.

i only have so many dollars to spend, and i'm going to be comparing things that are comparable to the ipad... to the ipad.

Anonymous said...

I'm with CDM. A netbook-class device running Linux desktop software is not very comparable to the iPad for better or worse.

It may look physically like an iPad, but I suspect any comparison ends there.

Plus it doesn't play Magic Fiddle!

johnnyg0 said...

My comment was deleted??... WTF man?...

johnnyg0 said...

Really ,.. I am really annoyed by this.. will I get more comments deleted in the future?

ashley said...

Johnny I didn't delete your comment. Don't know know what happened, but it wasn't. me

johnnyg0 said...

@Palm Sounds

glitches happens, even on christmas :)

johnnyg0 said...

I'm just going to drop this here.


@Papernoise, you should have a look ;) When the software was well done from the beginning, you don't have to have it redone to fit another form-factor.