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Boxwave Stylus

Thanks to those who commented on the post about Animation Desk for iPad, and thanks to Icepulse for this link to some amazing art made using a boxwave stylus.

I think I'll have to think seriously about getting one of those myself.

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formal said...

I got this stylus for my ipad. It works good :) $12 is what I paid for it.

johnnyg0 said...

Ten One's pressure sensitive pen also looks really nice (although unsupported by Apple because it requires a low-level component, a big no-no on IOS).

obis said...

I got a box wave stylus for Christmas, it's much better than I thought it would be... Very responsive compared to some of those cheap Chinese styluses I have used. The tip almost feels hollow but you barely have to touch the screen for it to work properly.

Icepulse said...

Thanks for the kind word.

A huge advantage of having a stylus, for me, was that I found myself doing a LOT of drawing with it. Prior to getting one, I wasn't really motivated to pick up the device and draw. The circle competed for me, once I had a proper input device for drawing on a touchscreen.