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Hacked iPod Nano shows support for apps

Interesting post at TUAW about a hacked iPad Nano and that it may support apps which could be an interesting development.

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johnnyg0 said...

"Hacked iPod Nano shows support for apps"

Not yet!

This guy has made it possible to remove an icon and replace it with a blank one. He was able to hack the springboard, which is a good first step for Nano hacking.

But before this thing can run apps made for higher resolution devices.. or before some people begin programming apps for the Nano, that will be another story.

Except devs who doesn't mind their apps being only distributed on Cydia and jailbroken devices, I think the majority of devs would wait for Apple to say they can develop for the Nano, .. or else they risk finding their work unusable with every updates ..

johnnyg0 said...

sorry I forgot this :

"featured an operating system that superficially resembled iOS. Under the hood, the mini MP3 player runs an alternative operating system that has been poked and prodded by devs since its launch."

The Nano is not even IOS.