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Recording audio on iPad with Behringer U-control UCA222 (MultiTrack Daw app)

From www.musicapps.com.br

Testing the cheap and compact audio interface UCA222 for recording audio on iPad. Even with the power limitations of iOS 4.2 for external devices the UCA222 works nice with the Camera Connection Kit. No external power supply needed. It's a nice solution for recording in stereo keeping the mobility.

For this video I used the Multitrack Daw app and a Korg Microx. The demo song is an excerpt of Renaissance's Can You Understand (Ashes are burning, 1973).

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MultiTrack DAW - Harmonicdog

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Hank Lepstein said...

Wow. This post makes me happy. For some reason last time I tried my Behringer with the ipad it was reallllly messed up- it would power on and sometimes work but it sounded terrible. I figured it didn't work..

But I just decided to try it again after seeing this video and it worked! Success! Stereo input on my ipad without having to plug into the wall! There's a bit of latency but it's not too bad.

The only thing bad about this discovery is it makes me want to buy more small battery operated sound toys..... :\

Grumpy Tank said...

Nice to hear an iThing demo played by someone who knows how to play!

Richard Lawler said...

It clearly works with iOS 4.2 in the video, but I'm a bit nervous about this box. The specs say it pulls 100mA from USB, but Apple only allows 20mA.

I have an Edirol Edirol UA-1EX box which is very similar to the Behringer, and it no longer works directly with the iPad without a separate powered USB hub.

johnnyg0 said...

I like how all these things are still considered "hacks", and how we can never be sure when its going to be disabled by Apple.

This is why I just can't trust IOS at this moment for anything serious. I'm still pissed at Apple for removing the Home button volume menu, and for remapping the orientation lock to a mute button.

Robert said...

Yes, trust Android instead of Apple... No "hacks" there. :)

To Richard at Pattern Music, where did you see the specs that it's only 20ma now? The dev of Multitrack DAW wrote that he tested it with a meter and it took up to 150ma... Apparently, it is the voltage spike when first plugging in that pushes it over the threshold triggering the "too much power" message.

Check out this thread on the HarmonicDog forum:

johnnyg0 said...


I understand your point, and I'm all about using hacks when there's nothing else, but at the same time I bet everyone who did IOS peripherals (like AKAI) are still not very happy that Apple decided to change the dock connector without telling anyone in the industry.

I'm not putting all my eggs in the IOS basket.