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The Thingamagoop 3000 is coming ... Here's a First Look video

This is amazing! I'm so glad to see this, it's made my day!

As a loyal Thingamagoop user I can't wait to see the new one. Here's loads of information about the new Thingamagoop, including where to get one.

The Thingamagoop 3000 is a light controlled synthesizer, effect, and noise friend.
  • 16bit, 44kHz Audio in and out
  • MIDI in and out via the included 1/8″ dongles.
  • USB for reprogramming and MIDI.
  • Programmable CV in and out.
  • Built in speaker.
  • Black, powdercoated aluminum enclosure with milled eyeball.
  • 9v battery or USB powered
  • Choose from 4 LED and 8 front plate colors (More info soon).

After almost two years of development, the next Thingamgoop is here with all new sounds and effects modes. Simple controls give you access to rich and diverse sounds, from simple square and triangles waves to complex FM laser battles.

The SELECT button allows the three knobs to select and adjust modes easily.
Hold it down, turn it to the mode you want and let go. The knob is now adjusting that mode.

The BLEEP button activates the sounds. It can be momentary or latched (SELECT + BLEEP to change).

LEDacle waveforms can be smoothly shaped using the SELECT button. Ramp to triangle to saw, pulse width of square, and glide for random.
  • Five FX modes add even more sonic ridiculousness.
  • Square and sine Amplitude modulation – Tremolo to Tune in Tokyo.
  • Rate reduction – Smooth adjustment from a little buzzy to completely destroyed.
  • Low pass filter – Two pole filter with a slight resonance.
  • Delay – Microseconds to ~1 second of delay with a tape like response.

  • Most use bandlimited wavetable synthesis to provide clean sounds while still retaining harmonic richness.
  • Square, triangle and saw waves – Adjusting them brings in up to 4 octave of sub oscillators.
  • Detuned saw. Control over distance between two voices
  • Triangle with LFO – Four voices modulate each other in different ways.
  • Sine AM+FM – Four voices interact while adjusting this patch.
  • Vowels – Vintage digital vocal samples morph with the adjust knob. SAY IT.
  • Noise – Pink, white, and Hypnotoad.

The eye switch allows the photosensitive eyeball to change either the frequency of the sound, the patch adjust, or the fx adjust. When patch or fx is selected, that knob become the frequency control.

The USB jack allows the device to act as a USB MIDI device and can be used to reprogram it from the Arduino IDE. In the future we’ll be releasing new code as well as guides to make your own noises!

Use the device like a monosynth by plugging in a keyboard or sequence the frequency, modulators and much more by plugging it into a DAW.

The volume knob on the left controls the speaker and audio out volume and turns the device on and off.

When something is plugged into the audio input, the patch knob becomes the input mode selector.
AM square and sine – higher frequency that the effect.
Granular sample – Captures a tiny piece of incoming audio and uses it for wavetable synthesis.
Glitch shift – Change the pitch of the incoming sample. Adjustment for grain size.
FFT sine reconstruction – The input signal goes through a 256 bank FFT. The highest frequencies are then synthesized as sine wave. Adjustment for decay.
FFT AM – The original signal is multiplied by the sines with interesting results.

Go over to the Thingamagoop page on the Bleeplabs site.

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