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Mixtikl 7 Generative Music & Loop Mixer with 12 Track Cell Sequencer arrives

It is great to see a new version of Mixtikl on the app store, I am really looking forward to trying this out. For now, here are all the details of Mixtikl 7 together with the videos released today as well.

Enjoy ...

Love working with generative music or audio loops? Create something new by mixing them together! Users say of Mixtikl: "the premier generative music app", "highly inspiring", "musical antidote to every other synth and DAW I've ever used", "works on so many levels.","Enjoyable, addictive, creative and helpful.", "Love this app, one of my favorites!"

Computer Music Magazine said Mixtikl's end results are "in a class of their own when it comes to generative music”.

It's a dedicated multi-platform generative music editor, mixer, arranger and cell sequencer. It includes many modifiable generative music templates that you can easily mix together. Sound generation is via the Partikl Sound Engine, a powerful stereo sound source comprising a modular synth with Soundfont (SF2)/DLS support + live FX.

Generate high quality, user-customisable, royalty & loop free background music from ambient (relaxation / drone / sleep / meditation etc.) right through to more intense melodic and beat-based loop-tastic EDM mashups using your own or 3rd party loops.

  • Many gorgeous new templates that take advantage of the uprated Partikl Sound Engine 3 (PSE 3)
  • Major PSE 3 enhancements:
    • Now supports stereo and more advanced synth & fx networks, allowing richer & more interesting sonic capabilities and complete sound "presets"
    • Network Editor and all 17 PSE Sound & FX unit UIs have been significantly reworked for much easier use, control and accessibility
    • Greatly improved Wavetable Sound Unit now supports stereo SF2 (SoundFont) samples (up to 24bit), allows modulation of pitch, pan, amp & portamento parameters + has integrated envelope editor (linear/log) - all useful for sound shaping
    • Improved the PSE-included IM SF2 wavetables with extended "IM Synths" and all new "IM NT3-MT7"
    • Amp and Pan controls added to several PSE Sound Units allowing more compact synth networks
  • Major useability improvement through combining Mixtikl Sound and FX Attacher screens one Generator Network screen (accessed via Content Cell > Synth & FX button)
  • Support for AudioBus 2 and Audiobus Remote Trigger and transport control

  • Total of 48 independent content cells in 12 tracks for mixing/cell sequencing + many customisable generative music templates ("parts") [For older Tiklpaks see: Menu > Settings > Show MT6 Tiklpaks]
  • Integral "Partikl Sound Engine" (PSE) featuring a SF2/DLS MIDI & modular synth, many high quality wavetables + wide range of Tone Generators, FX units & control units
  • Mix in your own / 3rd party WAV / Ogg audio loops (loops not included, but see Tiklpaks below)*
  • Transfer in/out recordings, loops, mix files + your own content Paks**
  • Play & record (live or mixdown) at up to CD quality (device dependent)
  • Edit / customise generative rules & sound networks; adjust mix tempo/root
  • Add in pieces you've created with Noatikl (not included)
  • MIDI out via CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI (so you can drive external synths)
  • Support for Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, Retronyms AudioCopy & AudioPaste

Generative music is "endless music created by a system". Use it to create new ideas, relax, break creative blocks or just to try something different!


• Mixtikl 7 Desktop software not included but available to purchase separately.
* FREE add-on Tiklpaks (some including audio loops) - intermorphic.com/tiklpak/download
** via Retronyms AudioCopy, iTunes App File Sharing

Mixtikl 7 for iOS is available on the app store for $7.99:

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