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I wanted to say a think a big thank you to Erik

Following on from my earlier post about Movember I just noticed what Erik had tweeted a while back from his app sale that he very kindly held to raise money for my campaign. He's a very kind chap. Here's what it looked like ...

So you can see it was pretty amazing.

If you don't know about Erik's apps, then you should take a look at them, they're all pretty amazing. The app he put on sale was STRNG, but he also has the amazing nils, Shapesynth, Voice Bot, E-l-s-a, Svärm, Brother, and there are many more besides. His apps are totally underrated in my view and I think a lot more people should take a look. That's a personal opinion of course.

Anyway, you should also check out his twitter page and website. Both are awesome.

Also, for the month of Movember, he changed his twitter logo to this ...

How amazing is that?

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