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SoundLab Play Space: LoopTree

I asked LoopTree to come along to the SoundLab Play Space and was so happy that they said yes. I'd never met Ed from Coding Cod Ltd (the makers of LoopTree), but now that I have I can tell you that he's an awesome guy and was a real star at the Play Space.

LoopTree seemed to have a constant stream of people having a play with looping, including Chris who came back 5 times I think!

Ed and LoopTree were a part of our App Zone, which we had to slightly rename the Apple App Zone as it turns out that there are no promo codes for Google Android apps! I only found that out recently and was quite surprised to be honest. That's probably a discussion for a different day anyway.

The App Zone ended up being a very busy space in the end, and we managed to give out a huge number of promo codes for apps which were very generously given to us by kind developers. I'll be thanking each of you in separate posts.

However, for now, I'd like to say a big thank you to Ed for his app, for coming along to SoundLab's Play Space and for being awesome. I really hope that both I and Heart n Soul get the chance to work with you again.

If you don't know LoopTree, then check it out on the app store. Think of it as a combination between Samplr and Loopy. What's more, it's on sale at the moment, and down from $11.99 to $6.99.

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