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Getting set up for the SoundLab Play Space

The Play Space was a big event. We had a lot of different technology companies there and a lot of different performances talks and more. It was big. Big and complicated too, but it was worth it.

Just above you can see School of Noise (expect to hear a lot about them from me in the coming weeks) getting set up. They had some amazing gear with them, from littleBits to Ototo to MFOS, to coconuts (yes you read that correctly). More of them soon enough though.

This was our tech zone or market place, depending on who you were talking to, and, you might remember the gentlemen from Studio Amplify who were at the event and showing NOiZE.

And here's Mr Concretedog who came down to help on the day with Bare Conductive Pads and lots more besides.

On the other side of that space we had SubPac with their awesome speaker systems. Again, more of them soon enough.

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