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QOTD: What app are you using

What's the plan today? What are you using, finishing stuff off in or with? What's the app of the moment for you?


jimkook said...

having spent a year away from music making, i'm back but with more of a whimper than a bang! i've rewritten 3 times a track i'm trying to complete. it's reasonably fleshed out in garageband, will export over to auria, copy sections into nanostudio so i can get some orchestral percussion going. then comes the singing which will be recorded in irig, tuned in melodyne (only non ios bit), fed through vocalive and perhaps harmony voice before finishing off and mastering with final touch. and then deleting coz i need to redo it again!

velocipede said...

Soundscaper or Gadget

Anonymous said...

mobile-wise it's sunvox and caustic 3 these days :)