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Cubasis 1.9 arrives with new FX IAAs

Cubasis 1.9 has arrived with some new IAAs. Which is all fine and understandable as developers need to fund ongoing development of their apps, right?

Well I think that the new FX packs from Steinberg look like good value actually. Each one contains six effects:
  • FX Pack 1: Reverbs & Delays (Tape Delay, Stereo Delay, Long Delay, Stereo Width, Non-Linear Reverb, Early Reflections)
  • FX Pack 2: Vintage FX (Pan & Tremolo, Rotary Speaker, Bit Reduction, TalkBox, Wah Pedal, Enhancer)

Each pack costs £4.99 (GBP)

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Anonymous said...

IAP's not IAA's, right? :-)