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Loopseque, it's not over, and that's great

Loopseque has been a long time favourite of mine. From its earliest incarnation I've thought that it was truly a triumph of design and simplicity whilst providing an excellent array of options for making music. So I was really glad to see it get an update, however small. And it is a small update. All that they developer has done is make it 64-bit ready. Well that's good isn't it?

Yes, in fact, a resounding yes. Why? Well you may ask. From my perspective it just means that this app is still alive and the developer is still interested in it. That's good news, because I certainly am still interested in it. I like this app so much that in 2013 I used it in our workshops for SoundLab and we even took it to the Royal Festival Hall in London and used it as part of the SoundLab set up for our club night. It was a massive success, and so it should be.

So this is good news. I've no idea what comes next for Loopseque, but I sincerely hope it keeps going as it's a great app for making music irrespective of your level of ability, and that's not something that's easy to achieve in software development.

Here's to more Loopseque!


Anina Boroda said...
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Anina Boroda said...

We are working on a brand new round sequencer for IOS. Hopefully, we will begin beta testing in next month.