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The Transition by MariaCalfa-DePaul

I wrote this composition next to my mom's bedside. She had been in an unresponsive state for almost 5 days and I couldn't sleep...I used the miselu keyboard for the first time...my mom died two days later. I used Auria and Jordantron as well as Z3TA and Sampletank for the flute. I used AudioMastering and then uploaded to soundcloud. It was a tough 6 days.......I miss my mom so much already and when I listen to that song I feel the pain I was in because I knew it would all end badly.....Except for my beautiful mom who is flying with the angels now...no more in transition.....thanks for listening

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1 comment:

cuji418 said...

Beautiful, powerful, and comforting all at the same time Maria....