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Hard to find on eBay, a Bleep Labs DAM-FUNKS DAM DRUM ...

About this item  on eBay ...

"DAM-FUNKS DAM DRUM that came out in a VERY limited quantity of 100! in 2013
They sold out in less than a day!
4 unique sounds curated by DAM himself for BLEEP LABS signature drum machine
and stones throw have etched there name to the back and given it a choice FLIGHT CASE!

This is the second generation to the 3 in total series
Ive used it sparingly and its great fun!
in need of money to fix other equipment of mine,otherwise id have kept it for ever!
it comes with instructions,and unfortunately i can't send it with the battery because of royal mail but it runs from a simple 9V battery which aren't hard to find…"


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