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BeatMaker 1.3 released

BeatMaker 1.3 has been released. New features include:

New step sequencer
• Patterns can now be up to 4 bars long
• Step resolution: patterns can now be edited with a resolution of up to 1/64T, making possible the creation of more complex and richer patterns.
• Two new editors: Pitch and Pan editing by steps. The pitch editor brings you the capability to compose complete melodies from just one sample, as you would do with a synthesizer or keyboard sampler.
• New pattern preview bar for easy lookup and navigation Improved song sequencer:
• Each pattern placed on the timeline can now be resized
• Insert and remove bars on the timeline
• Zoom In and Out for faster navigation and editing
• Dynamic access bar to quickly go to different song parts
Audio recording: record samples directly from the iPhone built-in microphone or headset (also works on iPod Touch 2nd generation with headset). With the wave editor, select the start and stop position and automatically assign your new recording to pads.
Record sounds anywhere and use them instantly in your composition !

Whole new pad edition screen for quicker and easier access to pad settings

Improved wave editor with zooming capabilities

New Cross Controller allows you to change live multiple effects and sound parameters. Choose any combination of sample and effect parameters available in BeatMaker and manipulate them live in quick or full screen mode

New Moog-like filter effect with Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, frequency and resonance support.

Improved Delay effect with dotted and triplet rhythm support

Signature support: change your song signature to 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 or 6/4

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully 1.3 will be an inprovement!

ashley said...

If you've tried it please get in touch and let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

feature-wise it is a big improvement (I've used all the new things you've mentioned straight away, and the result is tunes that sound much more like something you could make using reason, cubase, logic etc).

but unfortunately it's still quite crash-prone....and I am still looking for any information about WHY certain arrangements/samples cause crashes, and others do not. INtua - please provide some bug information so that we can work around the problems until you fix them in a future release!

Unknown said...

Very nice. thanks
Beat Maker

Unknown said...

Very nice. thanks
Beat Maker

online bachelor degree said...

I am still looking for any information about WHY certain arrangements/samples cause crashes, and others do not.