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Mixtikl is released !

As you probably already know, Mixtikl from Intermorphic has launched today. What a great Christmas present, thanks Intermorphic. I think it is fair to say that this is probably one of the most significant releases for Windows Mobile this year. Here's their press release:
Powerful & integrated suite of music making applications with integrated Noatikl generative music engine & Partikl modular synth

December 23rd 2008, UK: Intermorphic Ltd today launches Mixtikl V1, its powerful & integrated suite of music making applications for mobile and desktop computers, together with a range of 'add-on' Tiklpak content paks. On desktop, Mixtikl can run standalone, or as a plugin to a VST/AU enabled sequencer, giving users the freedom to create on mobile and remix on Mac or PC, or vice versa.

Mixtikl supports 12 track mixing at up to 44KHz stereo (device dependent), a wide range of user-configurable live sound FX and sound generators with the Partikl modular & DLS MIDI synth, a runtime of the Noatikl generative music engine and the Remixer, Performer, Partikl and Player applications. Mixtikl openly supports the use of users' own files in Ogg, WAV, AU, MIDI, MOD, partikl and noatikl content formats as well as user created add-on Paks.

Seven Windows Mobile screen sizes and orientations are supported at launch, from the smallest Windows Mobile Smartphone screen (176x180) to the largest currently available in the new HTC Touch HD Pocket PC (480x696). "Skins" for all supported screensizes are available in the Standalone versions for Windows and Mac desktops.

Pricing starts at $9.99 for the mobile versions, and at launch Intermorphic is also unveiling a number of special offers and bundles for Mixtikl as well as all its products. 30 day full save trial versions are available from the Mixtikl download page.

Versions for Symbian, iPhone and Antix Game Player are to follow from early 2009.

A few people have picked up on the iPhone port from 2009, which I think will go down very well, and the Antix version (I think Antix are some of the people who were also at Tao Group) will mean that Mixtikl can get into lots of mobile devices, which again, can only be a good thing.

I'm sure there'll be lots more to say about Mixtikl over the coming weeks, and I am sure it is an app (or rather a suite of apps) that is going to grow and develop.

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