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SpinPad Soon?

According to the miniMusic development calendar SpinPad will be out soon, this spring in fact!

If you read about this app from miniMusic it has been in development for a very long time, originally intended to be released in 2002. SpinPad is a graphic pattern sequencer which has been designed as a much more intuitive and flexible interface than BeatPad. SpinPad offers flexibility and ease-of-use.

Instead of every pattern being 16 steps long (like many sequencers), SpinPad lets you freely scatter notes anywhere you like--up to two hundred of them! Right on the beat, way off the beat, or anywhere in-between.

Instead of a "bouncing ball" indicating which note is playing, you can clearly see what note is playing as it is hit by a spinning arm. Notes (or "bells" as we think of them) can be moved by simply grabbing them with the pen and dragging them, and an edit window lets you design each bell just the way you like; you can even choose what the distance from the center of the circle means for each bell (distance can determine pitch, volume, duration or MIDI channel).

So, what will it look like when it is finished? I'm not sure, all I know is I'm looking forward to it.

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