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MixPad from miniMusic

Well, the long awaited next delivery from miniMusic is well on the way to being available. Now in beta test MixPad is a fully featured MIDI file player/recorder/editor. It will let you take any raw MIDI file with you on your Palm and play it with using the miniMusic Krikit audio engine, on connected MIDI hardware, or on a sound card if your handheld has one (such as the Sony Clie NX series, or a Zodiac).

MixPad differs from any other MIDI file applications for the PalmOS; it includes powerful graphic support for simple viewing, mixing and quick editing.

Usable for real performance situations, or music practice, MixPad gives you a powerful real-time mixer interface to control channel volumes, panning, and solos and mutes for every track during playback. The main display gives smooth scrolling of all MIDI data (including velocities and controller data) and zooming. Unlike other MIDI file players that use hundreds of kilobytes (or even megabytes) of memory for sound samples, our software synthesizer generates audio without any recorded sound; it's only 10k! Unlike MP3 players, there is no recorded audio, so song files are also very small (usually under 100k).

MixPad currently works only as a song player/viewer. MixPad Pro will offer real time recording and MIDI file editing features.

According to the miniMusic site the software should be available in March which is really encouraging.

Coupled with this is a re-working of the Krikit audio engine synth to remove the latency issues that previously existed.

Finally I have to say that I love the icon for this application. it is superb!

My initial response to the app has been good so far. The interface works well although it has a lot going on, and files are easy to navigate to and open. The no latency synth is working well too. I'm going to have some more time to play with this soon and then I'll write more about how it all works. Back soon.

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