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Pro Tools type application on a Palm OS device?

Ok, let me start by owning up to the fact that this application doesn't actually exist as yet. Fair enough. But there is a possibility that it could exist in the future, although there is of course no certainty.

I have been in discussion with the developer of Wave Edit Pro (a sample editing application for Palm). He has just released a new application called Mp3Enc, an MP3 encoder for palm (worth having a look at).

I asked him how much it would cost to update his software to add new sample editing functions. In his response he mentioned that he had been in discussion with a client to develop an application like Pro Tools for the palm platform, and that the cost of this development was around $10,000. Obviously I don't have that kind of spare cash in my pockets, but it made me wonder if a bunch of like minded Palm music types got together to fund a development?

Looking at the Bhajis Loops forum there are just over 450 users. If all the people who use that forum chipped in to this project it would cost each of us under $23 to participate. Obviously the more people who join in, the larger the budget for the development / the lower the individual cost.

I don't know if anyone else would be interested, but if you are, comment on this post or vote on the forum (click post title to visit the forum) and we'll see how many people would want to contribute and if it might get off the ground.

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