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Mobile Studio: Palm OS4: Piezo Power

This is one of the earliest music applications for Palm OS I can find. In many ways it was and still is very different from the standard applications which give you a keyboard or other standard interface.

Piezo Power allowed you to control the pitch and volume by drawing on to the screen. Quite advanced really when you think about it.

The most interesting feature of this little application was the fact that it would find another palm pilot over infrared and sync with it so that the cycles of both palms ran together.

Now that is really advanced for the time it came out!

I looked around recently and I couldn't find a copy of Piezo Power available for download anywhere, so I will make it available soon on the downloads page.

I think it would be interesting to see some of the features of Piezo Power being incorporated into newer OS5 software, or indeed an updated version if the developer is still out there.

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