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Wotja 1.7.1 arrived

Here's what's new in Wotja:
  • All new visualiser with 3 new settings: Vis, Size and Opacity
  • Fixed the issue of occasional hanging notes
  • Simplified the URL export to create "Wotja Music URLs" which include the tune, params and emoji, but no other text
  • Now much easier to share Wotja Music URLs in instant messaging apps with goo.gl shortening
  • New option to export Wotja Music URL directly into Messages app widget
  • Revised Player Repeats/Range parameters to now define the total number of times a melody is played (play count), whether a variation or not, rather than to define the number or repeats of a variation; this means that after the play count is reached, no melody will play
  • Improved Action/Sharing popup ordering
  • Much nicer load screen
  • Bug fixes

And there's also the free version too.

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