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New Music: Gradients of Yesterday by Frozen Lonesome

It's great to see another album from Steve. I'm a big fan of his work and from looking at the list of apps he's using to produce it there are very few that I wouldn't agree with.

Steve is one of the pioneering members of our community, so I'd urge you to check out his work and support him if you can.

About the album:

Gradients of Yesterday - Tracks recorded in Loopy, AudioShare, and Auria. All tracks arranged in Auria and finished in Mastering on an iPad 3.

Featured sounds from my Bass Station ll, ThumbJam, Laplace, Photophore, Different Drummer, Elastic Drums, CubeSynth, Gadget, MitoSynth, iSEM, TriqTraq, and others.

FX include Reverb FX, ToneStack, apeFilter, AltiSpace, AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Push, Svep, Vandelay, Crystalline, Swoopster, and others.

Special thanks to Clif Johnston, the Apptronica family, the IOS music community, Danny Hui, David Khan, and all of Apptronica's patrons and supporters.

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