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zMors Modular brings lots of new modules, including Pd

Here's all that's new in zMors Modular:
  • add pure data module
  • add 8bit osc module
  • add physical modeling oscillator module
  • add inter app audio host module
  • add midi file player module
  • add sampler module
  • add midi filter module
  • add motion module to create cv signals
  • add polyphonic midi module
  • add record/bounce wave file option (iOS8)
  • add iCloud Files Support to import audio, midi and pd files
  • add new custom layouts to macros for sub patches
  • add new programs to combiner module
  • add new programs to dsp module
  • add osc mode to wavetable module (by default)
  • add midi bluetooth low energy advertise
  • add double tap to module zoom
  • add midi out to keyboard module
  • add new presets
  • optimize sub patch handling with macro modules
  • show modules with red headline when not in render chain
  • show current buffer size in setting popover
  • fix usb midi reconnect on app start
  • fix midi note index
  • fix background image select

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