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R-Drone Synth for making experimental musical performances on Etsy

This R-Drone Station handmade synth has a minimal black front panel. This is the same as the unit I play on stage and has been indestructible in a performance situation.

The R-Drone Station is a small electronic musical instrument that allows you to create deep drone loops at various frequencies and speeds.

Use the Freq and D-Level controls to build up super fast loops or slow drones, once looping this device can make sounds for more then 24 hours(limited only by the life of the 9v battery).

The R-Drone Station has 3 main controls;

The Freq control:
This control adjusts the frequency of the tone in the first half of the dial and the level of noise in the second half of the dial, giving two distinct sounds.

The D-Level control:
This control adjusts how deep the drone is played. With this control CW only one sound layer is played, as the knob is moved to the left the sounds are added in layers. As layers are added the drone gets deeper and the speed of the loop is also reduced.

The write control:
The third control is the write button, when pressed it writes a sound to memory which is then replayed next time the loop is run. With the sound control knob adjusted anticlockwise, you can add a rest to the loop by pressing the Write button.

The output is via a 3.5mm stereo socket which can be plugged into earphones, a computer sound card, mixer or amplifier.

The R-Drone Station runs on a 9v battery.

R-Drone Synth for making experimental musical performances on Etsy

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