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QOTD: Which app has made the biggest difference to your music making so far?

Which app really helped you turn the corner or made the biggest impact on your music making, mobile or otherwise, and why? What was it about the app, its UI, its workflow, the sound design, what really helped? I'd love to know.


Unknown said...

No doubt Nanostudio .. it changed everything.. because of NS i forever leaved desktop DAW platform :-)

Alexandros Democratis said...

1. Thumbjam for his flexibility and great sound library plus the looper and the midi control.

2. Loopy HD for his easy of use and great flawless working.

3. Yonac Tonestack with the full motherload of pedals made a dream come true and

4.Audio f$*&$% bus, the greatest rooting tool ever.

Genjutsushi said...

Korg Gadget has been a paradigm shift in mobile composition for me. Three reasons. 1. Sounds great, and the limitations on each of the little modules means that you can quickly get to grips with how they work. 2. The sequencer is really excellent. Responsive and well designed. Its the best one I've seen on iOS. 3. Ableton export. Makes it the quickest way to dump all the work I've done in the app into a fuller sequencer for later development. As a result of these, i have used it to write more than 20 full tracks and made the iPad a cornerstone of how i work.