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The Daily eBay

Another few items on eBay which you might find handy. To start with a POCKET MUSIC & CASE GAMEBOY ADVANCE DS, which you don't see that often.

Next a really cheap monotron.

And lastly a QY10.


MikiStrange said...

I've been on eBay lately and bagged myself a Tascam 424 mkIII and a Yamaha QY100 (which is currently MIDI'd up to my RM1x).
Why have I been going all retro? Well because back in the day I used to use stuff like this to make music so I thought that having the option of getting stuff down instantly without having to boot up first was a good idea, and indeed it is.
The QY100 is indeed a Palm Sounds classic. Read the spec.
To make more of my time I've dumped social networking, more time, more music. In all honesty the only thing I miss is the Palm Sounds updates but I can catch up because I subscribe to the blog.
I have four weeks to make some music and sounds, expect a lot.
See you in four weeks.

ashley said...

Hi Miki, great to hear from you. I'm looking forward to hearing your stuff made with the QY100, and seeing your Tascam brought back memories of lots of old cassette multitracks.

Why is it 4 weeks?