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Korg M01 Music Workstation Announced

Although it is very thin on details at the moment, it looks like we're going to see another new DS music workstation appear. Most of the information is in Japanese at the moment from sanodg who's company Detune are behind the launch. I think that Sanodg was heavily involved in the DS-10 as well.

If you have any news or information on the detail of this launch please let me know.


johnnyg0 said...

Nice, can't wait to see what it is.

On a side note, I searched for Korg M01 on Google and you are currently the first result on top of everybody else :)

Pierre said...

Clearly it must be a recreation of the Korg M1 workstation from the late 1980's. The Korg M1 used a hybrid synthesis engine of samples and synthesis to create really lovely textured patches. The patches were a mainstay of late 80's/early 90's pop music. The Roland D50 was a very successful attempt to do something similar.

When I purchased a Korg Nanokey controller, there was an offer to download a VSTi version of the Korg M1, so clearly the instrument exists in software format.

If this is true, this would be a really great addition to the Korg line of virtual instruments for the Nintendo DS.