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TrakAx Mobile on the verge of a major upgrade

TrakAx Mobile is expecting a huge upgrade very soon. There are some amazing new features in this release, including:
  • Pan and zoom effects for still images
  • Expanded transition choices
  • Photo and video effects and borders
  • Improved text rendering and colour choice
  • Improved media search
  • Themes for credits

trakAxMobile - Sneak Peak! from Catriona Barry on Vimeo.

This is what the new mix screen will look like:

Here is the expanded transitions and new effects:

The pan and zoom features for still images will make using them mixed in with video far more straightforward.

Searching for media looks like it will be easier using a date driven search.

All in all this will be a really significant upgrade to TrakAx Mobile. It is excellent to see it being developed and going from strength to strength.

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